The Big Bang: The First Few Minutes of Ever

NASA simulation
The First Few Minutes of Ever

Eternity occurred in an instant.

The memory of all events began simultaneously with the physical occurrence of the first event.

The physical takes forever. however,the Memory of Forever occurred in a trillionth of a second.

God beget His Great Self with the snap of His Metaphysical Fingers.

Every event but the first one is (was / will be) a response to the one before it.

And all other events throughout eternity were  a response to the first.

Time was unnecessary.

The  result was total Knowledge/Memory and total Love.

Since Time was unnecessary and because all events evolved from the first, the first was a response to the last.

But In Truth there was no first.

And in Truth there was no last.

In Truth it is the same to say that all evolved as to say that all was created.

In Truth the words “was”, “is”,” first” and “last” offer no Truth.

In Truth, Time is an illusion.

Synonyms of importance: Love, Forgiveness, Infinity, All, Knowledge, Perfection, Ego, God, Memory, Messiah. There are many more.

Enjoy Christmas,


Accept The Love and Pass It On


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