Fine Fine Fifty Nine

59 Caddy 1-4 003

Fifty Nine

So Fine

All Mine

Frame’s Mine Also

And Sandy’s (let’s not forget).

When Sandra Schou posted this on Facebook a while back I said Fifty Nine Richy Rich car.

And Sandy said here ya go Broom Boy and here it is.

My favorite photographer (after Ansel)

Fine, Fine fifty Nine

Better than a pony or a jug of wine

Better than a flip top Ford

Fancy as  a Jag You Are.

By Bad, Bad Lee Boy Broom

(Baddest guy in the whole darn room)

COMMENT FROM SANDY  “Very very fine job Lee Boy Broom!  Lets not also forget, how far and how long that 59er traveled before it finally made it to your door! LOL
Sent from my iPhone” 9 13 2013.

REPLY FROM LEE  “A month of traveling back and forth through the US Mails and another month with the framing. Well worth the wait. Thank you Sandra Schou of the Far Far North.”

59 Caddy 1-4 004


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