Self confidence results from being loved and is most noticeable on the face and carriage of an I’m Okay – You’re OK, two-year old.

She boarded the bus. She looked about, looking for a seat wide enough for her and her mother who was still paying their fare.

Satisfied with her choice she began to climb up to a seat that a second  earlier would not have been such a challenge had it not been for the driver’s itchy trigger toe.

As mother moved toward daughter, daughter fell and dropped her doll and her learner – type, child – age smart phone.

While on her knees daughter quickly scooped up her belongings and attempted to cling to her possessions while scooting upwards, apparently expecting to succeed at both tasks.

Mother meantime seated herself in the second seat and attempted to assist her struggling young family member. Once seated, Mother rolled daughter over her lap and went spank, spank, spank on daughter’s bottom, pulling her punches while orally providing sound effects, “spank, spank, spank”.

They both laughed at their charade. No one said “I love you” but the love was obvious.


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