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True Leaders generally have only one follower, one person on their team;The Leader, The Follower, The Self Starter – they are  One.
LEADERSHIP Jan 1, 2016 Lee Broom.




I awoke this morning in a depression.


I awaken most mornings eager to greet the day, usually with notes scribbled the night before  while grinding freeze-dried coffee beans and running sparkling, crystal-clear water from the hills of the Ozarks over the crumbled, legumes, using two tall,  clear-glass cylinders, originally intended for floral displays.Voila:A  coffee maker of my design.

Today I had only the coffee to look forward to and the knowledge that those who work as I do in a home that is more of a writer’s laboratory than an abode, spend most of their long day alone. It was the  loneliness that convinced me to shut my eyes and snooze from six A.M. until nine.

I awoke again at 9:00 A.M.

I walked to the kitchen opened the freezer door, placed my head into the cold space and inhaled deeply. The negative ions prepared me for the minutes to come.

I shut the freezer door, heated the coffee, poured a cup thereof and padded back to my desk. reminding myself of couple of truths…

(1) Scholars, inventors, scientists and authors  do work which requires a knack for Leadership.

(2)True leaders lead only themselves.

I didn’t bother to dress, or to fix breakfast. What started my morning as a huge disappointment became  my work for the day. With a bed – sheet ’round my shoulders and a cup of reheated Starbucks coffee I pored over the pages of a book I wrote a few years ago, entitled LEADERSHIP: A LOVE STORY.

As I searched for words to explain how I was feeling I relived those feelings of loneliness and remembered my discovery that Leadership as we think of it  is not a role one chooses but rather  a label that needs to be refined.

And I had done that.

I reminded myself again…

True leaders lead only themselves.

That is the way of the Scholar, the Inventor, the Scientist, the Water-colorist, the Author  .

Put another way: only the agnostic may discover anything of great importance (if such truth awaits discovery).

Yet another way: perhaps we are all agnostics.

And another: The True Leader must seek truth ignoring the clamor of would-be leaders shouting in the background, the  pass-along Truths of their GROUP.

True leaders lead only themselves.

TRUTH is far more important than the adoration of FOLLOWERS.

Okay, I feel better now.

And yes I have prepared my notes and made my coffee for tomorrow.


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