Everything in the universe is made from the crumbs of something else.

If everything in the material  universe was suddenly invulnerable, movement would stop  and the Universe would die.

The Memory of all Past and Future Events, the Source of all Love would Forget everything and in fact would never have Been.

In order for the Universe to thrive it must be in a constant state of change. in order to guarantee change the material life of everything must be limited.

And the tool that makes it so is what psychologists refer to as affirmation.

The birth of life brings with it the concept of fear. Fear drive us to seek safety,”Us” being everything from the lowest form of life to the greatest. A blade of grass does not “think” but domesticated plants react differently when one caretaker is replaced with another.

A large rock hurtling through space does not “think” but nevertheless  has been fleeing the worst danger of its life by taking the shortest possible route, a straight line.

In reality this rock is a mere fragment of a larger fragment of yet a larger rock and is not going in a straight line at all but is actually in orbit around a large ball of gas which also has been misled in the facts of its destiny, totally unaware of the hungry black hole blocking the path of its solar plane.

You and I and the cells within us emerged from our maternal safe place, encountered danger and began our lives in terror not knowing that each safe place we entered was a reminder of ultimate danger. It is this awareness that ultimately brings us to our knees.

For most or all of our lives the knowledge of our destiny with death is our greatest strength.

Yet there are others who realize that the safety they sought, expecting and hoping to be Love was actually extremely conditional.

We eventually surrendered as we stumbled unto the unconditional , timeless zone inhabited by the memory of all past and future events we now know as Love.

We accept The Love and Pass It On.

Lee Broom


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