Yes, I know; the OXYMORONIC information contained in the title of this article is obvious. But consider these if you will:

Those who vote rhetorically are not voters but doters.

Those who choose sides are not choosers but losers.

Those who seek solutions lead by default.

Those who seek to lead are at fault.


Those who TAKE steps to discover themselves  are eager to share their discoveries.

Those who OBEY steps lose themselves and are eager to enforce their new rules.

Oddly, members of either group would probably agree with these words and defend them.

Rulekeepers say that Pathfinders lack discipline and have a serious ego problem.

Pathfinders say that Rule Keepers are bullies and have a serious ego problem.

Is either group right? Is either group wrong?

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Baruch Koritan



From a recent conversation:

He had searched for advice on how to handle one of the most troubling experience of his life. It was worse than losing a client. It was worse than losing a wife. it was worse than being told he had a life threatening disease. “What do I do?” he asked. (How could he not know the answer?) The answer came from an old friend; it was in the form of a question:

Q: “What is forgiveness?” came the ‘answer’ posing as a question. “Is not Forgiveness Love”?   “Is not Forgiveness the operative description of Love.

“It appears that Love is not a human thing. The human thing is surely Fear, also known as Dishonesty, is it not?.”

“Must not The Source of Love (and Forgiveness) be God? Is not the experience of Love ( and therefore Forgiveness) the result of accepting that Love?”

(According to Lao Tzu and the first Buddha, even an atheist can experience Love simply by doing Loving things for others).

To lose the Love of one’s children is incredibly painful. And though pain feels like a gift from The Liar of All Things, it  is in reality a ‘ Gift’ from The Giver of All Things.”

The bias of a lynch mob brought his  family together And He began againTo write.

The bias is the memory of a family not together and He began again To right… wrongs.



The assumption of timelessness and everness**


When discussing the assumption of a timeless world (which exists* beyond the material world as defined by  the senses) one must choose carefully to avoid the use of words which demonstrate the bias of time; for example, the words used in the sentence before this one.

“When”: Redundant.
“Discuss ing”: ing denotes present moment in time.
“Timeless”: Redundant.
“Exists”: Present.
“Made”: All verbs.
“Known:” Past
“Use”: All verbs
“Demonstrate”: All verbs.
“Bias”: Implication of time.
“Time”: Redundant.

My education is primarily in Design and in the Social Sciences. I am interested in Linguistics but only from the perspective of trends in behavior and philosophy.

I suspect that there exists an argument stating that all words and symbols found in all cultures reflect the bias of an awareness of time and that this bias  is a necessary feature of extancy (extance)**.

*frustrating, isn’t it?  [timeless world (which exists…)]

** Used twice, it is affirmed and therefore considered by at least one person to be a word.

Big deal. Old men and puppy dogs need something to occupy their “time” if only to mark their territory.