First Sign of a Storm


Tolerance of others is silent criticism.

Tolerance of one’s own tendency to be critical of others is much more difficult.

Tolerance of one’s own difficulties in becoming self-tolerant is a little closer to forgiveness.

Depression knows no such logic. At first sign of a storm get with people, never with a single person unless that individual is a professional therapist.

Leadership: A Love Story
By Lee Broom


For we who lack the perspective of Brainy Albert, the more daring among us may content our smartish selves with using as a measure of time, the Past, the Present and the Future.


The Past is but a memory;
The Present…
too small to measure;
and a Future that lasts Forever…

What about Memory?…

ideas whizzing by?

that play I wrote in 2001?

The book you finished  reading yesterday…?

So “Why?”, “How great is that?”

Perhaps we were wrong…
There is no future; it’s long since gone?
Now really…
This is just plain silly.

Or Not.

LOVE BECOMES THE LOVER.(Re-edited and amended 10/19/2017)


To Love is to Heal.

To Accept Love is to Be Healed.

Healing begins when Fear is vanquished.

Fear returns to the shadows and birds begin to chirp.

Fear reveals itself again as first light dawns and wanes as…

The Light of Love is felt with the decision to Accept.

Acceptance lights the Path.

The Path is NOW

This is the way,.

To Heal;

To be Healed.

Love becomes the Lover.

And Fear becomes a fading memory.

Accept the LOVE and pass it on.

Lee Broom


The Choir of Meadowlark Hill

2 21 2013 The Tree



It began with a glimmer, a sliver of light.

In a matter of minutes the glow was right.

And the Meadowlark sang its song.


Another Lark………… another, again.

A feathery chorus was now on hand

As The Boy mimicked their song .

More Meadowlarks sang along.

And The Boy became a man.


The Year was not New. It was warm,

There was dew as the day took form

Like a voice from Heaven

The boy of eleven,

Joined the choir of Meadowlark Hill.


This morning was more than  a  day in the life,

This newborn man

Met the day now rife

With the pleasance of Trill

On The Hill of The Larks.

On The Hill of The Man.

A  humble young Man

Said Thank You.


Thank You  he said again.

Again and again and again.


 Lee Broom




There are two basic approaches to seeking safety in our otherwise dangerous lives, the most obvious of which focuses on a core belief that the greatest SAFETY is found in the greatest NUMBERS. Those who employ this plan, let’s call them GROUPIES, are constantly on the lookout for group approval from as many groups as possible.

Those who are said to belong to GROUP TWO are called LONERS which belies the assumption that they belong to a group at all.

GROUPIES believe that  LONERS are afraid to mingle and socialize.
LONERS consider the GROUPIES a necessary annoyance; they are rarely LONELY.

Nevertheless, they understand the necessity for leaving their desks, easels and laboratories to re-energize; even THE LONE RANGER had TONTO and SILVER and his minimal social needs were met by rescuing the victims of tyranny.

LONERS are natural LEADERS but generally LEAD only themselves.

GROUPIES depend on LONERS for fresh ideas.

LONERS depend on GROUPIES to make these fresh ideas come to life, often to become traditions.

LONERS and GROUPIES depend on yet another group to act as a liaison. MEMBERS of this GROUP are actually a sub group of LONERS. TRUE LONERS are basically scholars and artists. This third group exploits both the LONERS and the GROUPIES. They are called ENTREPRENEURS.  Their focus is on FREEDOM from all forms of external restraint.

As for the author of this oversimplified explanation of life…

I am the planet hurtling through space believing that my path is a straight line when in reality I have been trapped by the gravity of a GIANT BALL OF GAS which controls my path by keeping me in orbit…

I am  ALL of the ABOVE.