Day 1: The memory of all events begins simultaneously with the physical occurrence of the first.

Day 2: Eternity occurs in an instant.

Day 3: The Memory of Forever occurs in less than a trillionth of a second.

Day 4:  God begets His Great Self with the SNAP of His Metaphysical Fingers.

Day 5: Every event but the first one is a response to the one before it.

Day 6: The result: Total Knowledge of past and future events.

Day 7: The result: Total Love.


Yesterday and the day before, the desert floor in Arizona rained, sleeted and kept the cactus lovers indoors.

I was not one of those people.

I no longer drive but fortunately I live near an uptown, downtown-ish collection of super-sized grocers and a dozen demonstrations of how to buy,  sack or stir-fry. Had it been a normal wintry desert temp of 70 degrees Fahrenheit I would have dashed across the street and filled my two cotton Trader Joe bags with goodies but…

as I said…

this was no ordinary day.

I tried watching a digital, free movie but all I could hear from my guilt ridden brain was “Lee Broom, get your butt out the door and learn how to defy the rain and the sleet and the miserably low temps; learn to adapt,”, and I did. In two days I spent an hour or so braving the elements. I am old but I am better!!!!!

Accept The Love & Be Healed



People form groups, hoping to fulfill that which is perceived to address a common need; a measure of safety in a dangerous world. These groups may family, schools, sources of employment and institutions which build religions and serve our spiritual needs,

Soon thereafter and for as long as the group exists, the individual’s major role is to support the group. Negotiations ensue. The group offers a measure of approval in return for compliance; the higher the quality of Compliance, the higher the approval rating. The higher the approval rating the more likely it is to be confused with Love. Approval is condition dependent; Love is not. Love’s only aim is to Heal.