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Lee Broom


Psycho: Good morning Curio.

Abner:  I thought you weren’t gonna call me that anymore. ‘Sup?

Psycho: There’s a Town Hall meeting tonight. I can’t go.

Abner: Why not?

Psycho: Discrimination practices at work if ya really wanna know.

Abner: You’re a Toad, right?

Psycho: Actually, I am not a toad.

Abner: Well, if not a toad, then you are one, truly, freaky looking frog. Would you like me to address you as Freaky Frog?

Psycho: I’m not a Frog either.

Abner: So what are you Wart Face?

Psycho: I’m a Libertarian.

Abner: Get real Dude; I’ve seen lots of Libertarians. You are definitely NOT a Libertarian.

Psycho: You sound like one of those judgmental Socialists. Are you going to the meeting? I’ve noticed that more and more Democrats are going to these Town Hall events and then there’s the R word folks. This is for everyone , ya know?

Abner:Even Republicans ? But not Toads. Did I get it right?

Psycho: I guess Toads are okay. Maybe a few Republicans. Depends on how well armed they are, I suppos.

Abner: Then why can’t you go to the Town hall meeting, Wart Hog?

Psycho: I told you I’m a Libertarian,

Abner: Big L or little l ?

Psycho: Big L., Dum Dum.

Abner: Well when you get there, tell the folks handing out name tags that you are Freddy the Freaky-looking Frog.

Psycho: Ribbet