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To fix the past or to fox the pissed, one forx the pests of the properly parsed.


One may Accept The Love And Pass It On.






Time for all purposes is measured two ways; the way we experience it and the way we remember it.

If you find yourself complaining that life is going too fast as you age I’m guessing that you need to get our head out of Your Past and open Your Present.

Our minds when in use, think in Real Time just as they did during our first year as guests on Planet Earth as we crawled about looking for a way to rise to our feet and better understand our environment.

Fear drives us to reminisce in search of better times. We hope as we do so that somehow this will build us back up and supply us with a new vigor, increased courage, as aids to facing the problems which threaten our current feelings of safety.

We must stay in the present as much as possible.

This, not That.

This is where Life is.

This is the secret to staying young.

Lets live it.

Lets Accept The Love and Pass it on.




A friend of mine was dying. Ben was nervous. There was nothing left for him here on earth. A wealthy man, a religious man, he was nevertheless, frightened.

Another friend, not wealthy, but full of ideas,  spoke up.

“What do you think it will be like in Heaven, Ben?”

“I don’t know” replied the puny one, “St Peter at the gate, with God on a throne of puffy white clouds. Angels all around. What is your dream of the afterlife?”

“One day”, replied Fred “I will at the speed of light, suddenly notice that I know everything.”


“Everything! I will remember every event from the first few minutes of the big bang as well as all events in the future. Nothing will be left to know and I  will be the sole repository of LOVE. When you start your day, assuming you are still alive, I am who you will be talking to in your morning prayers.”

“And who will I be after I die, assuming you died first and went to Heaven.”

“I will not have gone to heaven, I will BE heaven”.

“And who will I become?”



I picked up the hamburger from my sick friends plate and took a bite.



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About doing: Accept The Love and pass it on.

About Being: Accept The Love and pass it on.


In order for Love to be unconditional it must be Self Love.

In order for the intended object of Love to benefit (everyone else) we must pass it on.

Helping others without getting discovered may be a good way.

The more we “pass it on” the more content, confident and stalwart we become.

Accept The Love   (One through Eleven) and pass it on (That would beTwelve).



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NEVER ASK WHY (WHO ME?)            


Who asked that question; who wants to know?

What exactly is the question?

Where were you when this question first occurred to you?

Really? And when was that ?

Why is this so important to you? (Never mind.)

How did you happen to develop this train of thought? (There, that wasn’t so difficult; was it?)

Have you developed any theories in your quest for data?

Is there a point beyond which you will cease to wonder?

Does it bother you that all your friends have the answers to these questions?

Does it bother you that your friends haven’t a shred of evidence to support their answers to your questions?

Now, move away from the mirror and do the Next Thing.


“Tolerance is not psychologically healthy; it keeps resentments alive.”
This sounded logical to me until I realized that when tolerating the disturbing antics of well-meaning loved ones, I was actually keeping Love alive and often they with me.
When I enter tolerance mode with a friend or family member I am free now to listen and observe more closely as they sing their song and surprise me with this hidden treasure or that.
Freedom becomes more personal when we pay attention. Happy Independence day everyone. Happy Fourth of July.