GURU: Where  did you get the idea that you are not good enough?

NOVICE: Do you think that I’m getting better?

GURU: I do; you are getting much better.

NOVICE: That’s where.





“Cycling the Blue Nile Gorge Ethiopia, we came from the other side. Last night we went to sleep to the sounds of Hyenas. We climbed about 6000’ feet and it was plenty hot, I could have used a few more gears!”
Morris Scott.
Age: Sixties. Bicycling across Africa.


As we age time flies.

If we attempt to slow it down it gets worse.

Its bad enough that we have to leave life, worse yet that we are aware of the problem and absolutely insulting that there appears to be no solution to this small but terrifying collection of horrors.


There are a great many things that affect one’s perception of time.

In fact, it is probably safe to say that there are no two humans for whom such details are remotely similar. One might even extend that observation by factoring in a minus sign for lower vertebrates, or even the lowest forms of life or perhaps even rocks.

No, I’m not kidding.

But that is not the subject.

What I am leading up to is that all these different perceptions fit into the same envelope.

This envelope has one label, one definition, one rule.

Are you ready?

All memory when recalled is viewed not as a constant but as an exact percentage of the life of each retriever, and becomes smaller with each passing second or fragment thereof.

I’m guessing that few of us are aware of this envelope and that most of us notice the increasing speed with which time flies. Add to this the fact that those of us with less to do tend to worry more, therefore adding one more difficulty by becoming attached to this problem.

If you find this knowledge frightening yet compelling, and you are tempted to seek a way to  slow time down…

Forget it.

I mean that literally.

Forget it.

One cannot overcome anxiety about anything at all.


any unwanted activity no matter how heavily addictive,  can be replaced.

Our focus on life can be redirected.

The so-called  St Francis prayer asks for such changes.

And, virtually everyone in recovery from drugs, alcohol or self-destructive, problem-solving techniques get clean and sober by accepting the love of people like themselves and passing it on to those who still suffer.

Accept The Love and pass it on.




How long is Forever?

How large is the memory thereof?

Can the distance from the First event to the Last be measured?

Are the First and the Last the same event?

Is there a place where this question could d have been viewed the instant it entered my mind.

Are these questions actually in my mind or are they being viewed from afar?

If so, would this be telepathy? Neuropathy?

How long is an instant?

The original thought that inspired this moment:  was it indeed, inspired?

Perhaps Chosen? Created? By whom? Lee Broom? Another?

Did these words appear in the mind of another simultaneously?, telepathically?

Was objectivity abandoned with reference to telepathy?

Does it matter?

If you have questions, by all means ask.