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Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub;
It is the center hole that makes it useful.

Shape clay into a vessel;
It is the space within that makes it useful.

Cut doors and windows for a room;
It is the holes that make it useful,
Lao Tsu translation by Gia Fu Feng.


Each morning I greet the day by committing to living it.

Each morning I sit at my desk and repeat that commitment.

My commitment is not to the Doing but to my Being.

To say “That is all.” is often thought to mean “Not much.”

“Why is that?” I wonder as I open Outlook.



Self-employed people seem to live longer and, appear to be younger than the salaried majority. Wrinkles and age spots go unnoticed as their audience responds instead to this fountain of youthful enthusiasm.

These are the scientists, the artists and the curious. They are the Leaders in society, a label given them by those who look to others  for the answers to their own questions.

There are very few skeptics among them and rarely look to others for their answers.

If curiosity haunts you, if a lack of trust in the shared opinions of others taunts, perhaps you spend more time than most, seeking answers to your own questions.


If you are curious about the validity of the set of ideas set forth in this essay, perhaps you will share you opinion of such…


If you’ve already forgotten the first line, feel free to read it again.




      Photo courtesy of Wikepedia

From the Mid Seventies through the Nineties I began each day by getting on the Arizona Canal at dawn and jogging five miles or more. When I lived at McCormick Ranch I started at Jackrabbit Rd and ran to Camelback and back; in Arcadia I started at 48th St. and Indian School behind the Monastery and ran to 68th St. and back. I remember saying to myself back then that there would never come a time when I would stop this practice.

These days the cilia in my lungs are matted down with tar from those years when I smoked (yes I smoked even during my 10 K years which is why I didn’t run marathons).

But yesterday I went to 48th st and Indian School and ran a mile. Actually, I was wheezing so badly that I ran a bit and walked a bit, using the distance between telephone poles to determine when to switch gaits. It wasn’t much but it was wonderful.

An hour later my lungs were working like those of a much healthier person.

Right now it is 530. My computer is down for a bit and I am on my way to 48th St & Indian School Rd. My lungs are already kicking out mucous as I anticipate the joy of pounding sand. I’ve always worked out at the gym but nothing takes the place of kicking up dust.

6:30 One mile again (GRRRREAT)

A Day in the Life of Two Sick Old Men.


Hi Lee

This is very interesting.

I found this piece of paper on the floor of Pam’s car this afternoon.

I have never seen it before and I cannot imagine how it came to happen.

I do not know who wore it and for what reason.

After looking at it for several hours, it occured to me that you might have written it.

Why do I think so? I do not know.

Please read it and tell me anything you might know.

My best


 (The attachment was a short introduction to a book about Svetlana Stalin.) 

Hi Kamal, This sounds like a very interesting introduction to a very interesting book about a very interesting lady. It’s not mine though. I wrote a short memoir about her but this ain’t it.

I am really, really sick again Pal O Mine. From my point of view this is the epitome of inconvenience. Fever. gagging, Round the clock urination coming in fifteen minute intervals. I sleep fifteen minutes then pee. I’m sleeping a lot. Can’t eat.

I wake up, I sip, I pee, I go back to sleep. Urination hurts my whole body; even my teeth. Its like being electrocuted with a shock that lasts for several seconds and feels like minutes.

Come to think of it though, this could be much worse.                        


PS When do we take you to the eye guy.


Hi Lee

I am so sorry you are going through these physical problems.

I am going through some myself, but not as bad as yours.

Are any of your kids near by to look after you?

I am going through severe skeletal, muscular and joint pains.

The eye doctor’s appointment is Sept 5th at 10:00 AM

I do not know how we will be feeling at that time.

Take care and write me about your condition.

As for the piece I sent you, I have no idea who would write that.

Also, this is the only page I found.

What the hell.

My best, Lee.


My kids just got back from a weekend camping trip. They’ll check in.

Skeletal, Muscular and Joint pain, eh. According to my research you walk too much, you jump up and down too much and you are cross-eyed

Try Nopalea. It’s great for crossed eyes

We will both be fine on Sept 5

Smile, Kamal.

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