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Continuity is Everything.

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Continuity is Everything.


Without continuity there is confusion. Without it there is chaos.

There is only continuity. Chaos exists only in our minds.

When we perceive chaos, we are too close.

The solution is to back away.

Focus on today.


In 1977 I did several major art shows. Most of the paintings had been framed at Lee Broom Gallery or at The Framery, also under my management.
There was one painting that had been framed in a design by one of my framers; everyone who went by it remarked on the beautiful frame. Later, as I was closing a sale on a different choice by the lady with the “oohs” and the “aahs” I asked the patron what it was that she liked about the painting. “Oh it wasn’t the painting”, she replied. “It was the frame; it is beautiful”.
The next day I noticed as I looked again at this delicate watercolor, the inside border of the mat matched a color in the painting as did the top mat color and the texture of the frame itself matched some textural features of.the painting as well. But the matched features actually changed the overall ratios of each new blend. The designer of the frame was competing with the artist who created the picture; she had ruined a beautiful painting with a beautiful frame.
How is it that a few grunts accompanied by graceful body movements can evolve into a dance, a  didgeridoo can create a one-note symphony or that a hammer can chip away at a rock until The Thinker is discovered, apparently sitting there asking himself that same question..
If anyone were to ask me to state the most important thing to consider in the design of anything made by man or by God my reply would be one word, “Continuity.”


And the Wisdom to Know the Difference

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

All of life’s problems are in the future.

The present is fearless and is populated with people taking inventory, solving problems and laughing at the past.

Resentments, judgments and the fear of vulnerability have no place in the real world.

The real World is Now.