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Fingers and Toes and Goodness Knows


Desire hungers for more.

Directed only at Self.

The Inner Elf……


Then Love is introduced.

Desire hungers for more.

Redirected to include

Other Selves

More Elves

And yells

Let’s get ‘er done

From: An Amo and Curio Olio. A Folio of Prose and Poesy
By Lee Broom

A Six Pack, a Hammer and a Church Key, Please.


It is said that it is easier to break an empty bottle of beer than a sealed one.

It is also said that it is easier to break anything than to fix it, unless that thing is an undesired habit or a relationship.

Is it any consolation to realize that when a thing is made by man, that something was first destroyed?

Whatever we make of ourselves requires raw materials, desire and a whole lotta Love.

By Lee Broom