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I suspect that all life forms operate cooperatively and that there is a sense which, in most cases operates well below the level of awareness. With humans it seems to be more obvious with Artists, Scientists and Schizophrenics not because of their career choices but because these groups appear to be more able than most to bridge the gap between logic and inspiration.

It may even be that these groups are less clairvoyant than the general population. If one accepts that most are in some way telepathic, consider that these groups are probably more responsive to instinctive stimuli than their more creative counterparts; this may explain the high degree of conformity within groups.

Another consideration: Clairvoyance or telepathy are ideas which presuppose that each of us is our own person, separate from all others. But a very large part of the human population has as a core belief, the notion that there is only one Life, one Love, one Memory.

What appears to be individual uniquity is accounted for, not spiritually but morphologically; information gatherer in a world measured in terms of time possess ONLY their own biases. Such a belief would seem to suggest that when one dies their memory improves to include all memory of past and future events and that their only concept of time is “Forever”, a synonym for which is the word, “Now”.




Lee in Paradise
 moment in the Paradise Bakery

How many ways are there of looking at things? Depends on how we think, I suppose. We can ogle; we can view; we can scan; we can see with inner vision if we are blind.

And when we do this or when a thought emerges where is it; does it even exist?

An electroencephalogram can detect brain activity. If at night it may be a dream or it could be a response to pain. Or perhaps we wake momentarily and give thought to our experience with all these little metal things attached to us. That a thought occurred is definitely a possibility but no one knows where it is. I believe I am right about that.

These were some of my thoughts in the summer of 1965. I took part in a sleep study test conducted at Oklahoma University. I remember telling a pretty technician that she might get a better response if she placed some electrodes in my groin area.

I don’t know what was learned from my contribution; I received twenty dollars for each of the five nights that I slept in that hospital bed and I for one, didn’t learn a darn thing.

Sometimes I wonder…

If a thought is ever found will I then discover God? Will this be in a place where there is no time?

As whatever is left of me after the final departure from life as I have known it, will I then discover that timelessness can be known by more familiar terms; ever, forever, NOW…

Will I be informed that the most popular term is NOW and that the easiest way to access the idea of NOW is to focus on my path and that I missed it because my focus was always on one goal or another.

Will I get another chance at this I wonder as I stand there in EVER land? And when will that be? Am I missing something here?

The assumption of timelessness and everness**


When discussing the assumption of a timeless world (which exists* beyond the material world as defined by  the senses) one must choose carefully to avoid the use of words which demonstrate the bias of time; for example, the words used in the sentence before this one.

“When”: Redundant.
“Discuss ing”: ing denotes present moment in time.
“Timeless”: Redundant.
“Exists”: Present.
“Made”: All verbs.
“Known:” Past
“Use”: All verbs
“Demonstrate”: All verbs.
“Bias”: Implication of time.
“Time”: Redundant.

My education is primarily in Design and in the Social Sciences. I am interested in Linguistics but only from the perspective of trends in behavior and philosophy.

I suspect that there exists an argument stating that all words and symbols found in all cultures reflect the bias of an awareness of time and that this bias  is a necessary feature of extancy (extance)**.

*frustrating, isn’t it?  [timeless world (which exists…)]

** Used twice, it is affirmed and therefore considered by at least one person to be a word.

Big deal. Old men and puppy dogs need something to occupy their “time” if only to mark their territory.