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A FAIR TRIAL is based on PROOF.


When we judge others it is important to understand the difference in these two ideals.

These two  similarly worded ideologies guide most of us in relationships, our work and our politics.

I’m not so sure about BLONDIE.

Lee Broom





The most essential characteristic of scientific technique is that it proceeds from experiment, not from tradition. – Bertrand Russell


If the search for Truth led  to the discovery of an idea which could conceivably change the course of humanity such as say, the  discovery of pi, did William Jones congratulate himself for knowing  WHAT to think…or HOW?

When experimenting with leftovers and the resulting blend  of flavors is surprisingly delicious, will I record the recipe or will I be encouraged to do some more experimenting?

And, when I have a question about  any of life’s mysteries, will I be inclined to experiment…or will I look for someone who claims to have “the answer”?

Perhaps I meet someone who says “yes, I have the answer to your question” will I then, interview this individual to determine if experimentation and verifiable clues  led them to this bit of knowledge or will I judge that persons beliefs based on the size of the group with whom this idea is shared?

In the process of transforming that part of our lives which we call home from the menacing, ever-present dangers of pestilence, violence and threats to our health into a safe nesting place, information is our most precious possession, however illusive, however dependable. Each of us is responsible for our own safety and to that of our loved ones. This responsibility must not be taken lightly.

I have among my friends a number of twelve-steppers.

While following these twelve Steps some of us DISCOVERED HOW to think.

Some chose to MEMORIZE  WHAT to think.

I am a HOWard.

though I have noticed that the WHATers appear to be having more fun.