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Git Along Little Dogie


“There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.”

~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


Learning from past experiences is okay.

Knowing that we made a mistake however is probably enough.

Knowing what we did wrong serves no purpose but to invite self-criticism.

And, beating ourselves for past mistakes only affirms and insures their recurrence.

Better to learn more productive ways of dealing with our problems and to move on.



When I was six years old I attempted the acrobatic feat of standing on my hands atop the swings in our back yard. I must have been about three feet tall compared to the swings which were probably three times my height.

I fell and hurt myself.

It was the weekend; Father was working in the kitchen and Mother had gone to the store.

I felt myself being cradled in my father’s arm and answered his questions about my physical well-being.

Eventually he asked me what I had learned. I replied that I needed to start with something lower to the ground and then work my way up to something higher. Father smiled and helped me to my feet. “Git along little dogie” he said in that Texas drawl of his, “Git along.”

By Lee Broom