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To overcome the fear of death must we not first overcome the fear of life?

To do this must we not learn to develop a sense of adventure by taking risks?

How much risk is involved in seeking the opinions of others?

Shall we ask what the next right thing is before stepping into the future?

By risking with an uninformed task, do we not become stronger of Faith, Acceptance and endowed with a new sense of freedom.

Shall we then Accept The Love and pass it on?

Lee Broom     Accept the Love and Pass It On




B.C. comic strip presented a case against the ability of a common house-fly to penetrate the no-fly zone as protected by the whirring blades of a ceiling fan. I decided to pretend I was a fly and conduct an experiment. But why do that I asked my inquisitive self; you already conducted such a test twenty years ago. And I remembered…

I had just moved into my new home, it was summertime in Scottsdale Arizona, the A.C. would not be on until Monday; it was Friday afternoon. I filled the bathtub with water and threw in one of two bags of ice that I was storing in a car refrigerator. Soaking in that tub was great while it lasted but the ice soon melted and I was getting restless.

The boredom was still in charge as I flopped onto the bed. I pulled the chain on the ceiling fan above me and as it began to whir I stared at it for a while. Eventually, I blinked my eyes and in so doing noticed something rather odd. When I blinked there was a moment when I thought the fan had stopped. I blinked again. Nothing. Again. And again and again I blinked; yes, indeed that propeller above me matched every flutter of my eyelids with an abrupt arrest of its Rotarian self.

What’s that? An idea?

I hopped off the bed and ran into the living room, picked up the Scottsdale Progress which had been thrown that morning as a welcoming gesture to the neighborhood and removed the rubber band. (Rubber band! Get it?)

Back at rest beneath the rotating fan I stretched the  tense, elastic missile and aimed.


It passed though the perceived void and struck the ceiling. I retrieved the missile and fired again.

And again.

I did that dozens of times never once failing  to penetrate the whirling barrier.

So back to that fly; I don’t know if it is as fast as that flying rubber  but with 4000 lenses on the fly’s two eyes the increased perception needed for passing through those whirling blades without being sent to insect Nirvana is probably possible (please forgive the oxymoronic phrase).

But then again…

I don’t think that fly has any eyelids.