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How to end the learning process in a few easy lessons.

Lee Broom

The word “proof”, when added, changes a report into an advertisement, a discovery into a product and the reader into a victim of inanity. I know this because I attempt to prove myself “right” at least a dozen times a day and each time I discover that I was mistaken.  (Discovery is a truth word – proof is but a lie).

I don’t mind discovering my mistakes because they help me to learn and to be more patient with others of my ilk who are “always right”. These mistakes are rescuing me from the mire of mindless management, and of running the risk of never growing, of never, ever learning another, single new thing.

Another solution? Accept the Love and pass it on.




How many of us believe that

A: We are made in God’s image?

B: God makes things happen?

C: Since we are made in God’s image then we can make things happen?

D: If this is you, how’s it working for ya?

Suppose the first premise is correct.

And suppose…

A: We are made in God’s Image. God’s image must include Total Knowledge of Past and Future.

B: Total Knowledge removes a need for any kind of protective device. In the material world we call this protective device by different names, all of which fall under the heading of Fear.

C: Total Knowledge, having no need for Fear must be very happy with It’s fine self.

D: The absence of Fear is Love.

E: Total Knowledge is also known as God.

F: Man experiences Fear as a means of protection of self and of family.

G: That which God “does” is man’s doing.

H: The Love, which man occasionally feels comes directly from God.

I: Love resides only in God. Fear resides only in Man.

J: God relies on Material Life forms to get stuff done.

K Man relies on God to experience Love.

L: All of those things which mankind and the rest of the natural world depend upon for safety are absent in God’s world. God does not DO, therefore God does not Plan. God does not DO or Plan because God’s world is PERFECT.