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Lee Broom


I do a lot of volunteer work for blind people, few of whom were born sightless.

They listen.

Sometimes when I am approaching Connie’s desk I announce myself as though we are three feet apart. “Hi Connie”.
And from three works stations away I hear a soft, feminine voice, “Hi Lee.”

When Tony the Engineer was alive, he started talking one day about the day he lost his vision.

And, how he learned to listen.

His was not a soft voice; it was what one might expect coming from the lips of a well-known broadcaster. Nor was he the kind of listener as Connie.

Tony was interested in the information he gathered by hearing and separating the clicks as well as the clacks and the hums and hoots of a day in the bustling desert metropolis known as Phoenix, AZ.

And now that my vision depends a lot on taking the right eye-drops at the right time, I have become THE LISTENER