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Says one  man:
It will take a poor, blind, deaf, silent, praying man to lead the work for race relations in America.

Says another:
To fight against anything keeps the focus on that which we seek to conquer. Success comes not with overcoming but replacing with something better. Love wins; we often say; we write about it, we sing about it and we talk, talk, talk about it; lets live it.

“Forgiveness” Baruch Koritan

baruch forgiveness.2
“Forgiveness”    Baruch Koritan
Acrylic on canvas with paper and found objects

Offering and accepting forgiveness is a freeing act. Multitudes of possibilities flow generously and intensely toward one another. Endings are reopened to permit new-found avenues of expression and fulfillment.

Reestablished trust permits the conduction of energy that kindles the brightest sparks of wisdom and love on which all may grasp and grow.

Forgiveness finds acceptance as it rejects past mistakes, allowing ideas to regroup into a beautiful newness.

Baruch Koritan

The Line, forgiveness.

 “It was a lovely spring day. The sun was warm, the birds were singing, and the wispy clouds added a touch of pastel pleasantness to the day.” * 

I was standing in line at CVS.
“Hi Lee, how’s your day going.”

(Stand tall, Lee. Smile.)

“Great Kirsten, and you?”

“Wonderful, that newspaper will be one dollar.”

“Dang.” I held out my palm; it contained three quarters and a nickel. “That’s all I brought with me.”

“How much do you need?” from the aisle next to me. An unknown neighbor lady holds out a hand full of change. I take two dimes. My benefactor leaves the store and disappears in the parking lot. The lingering pain of years of bad decisions disappeared in an instant. Perhaps it works that way for you.

Lee Broom.

*From The Line. 30 May 2013.