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I asked a friend to verify the facts of her story echoing in my ears,; “How did you acquire this information?”

“I researched it”

“What were your sources?”

The reply was sprinkled with phrases of “I heard…”, “This lady…” and “We heard” and “Everyone says”.

I succeeded somehow in keeping my sermon silent as I nodded my head, a quiet but nevertheless illogical response, in that I was offering a silent agreement to her illogical habit of acquiring information, judging the credibility of her newest belief by virtue of popularity.

Most of us are more interested in having a reputation  for credibility than for actually being credible. That’s because of our dependence on the approval of whatever group we claim as ours; We seek to be loved ; we settle for approval.

We use illogical phrases such as “fair trial”, for example. Another friend uses this phrase a lot. She is a clerk in a law office. She doesn’t realize that fairness is based on bias while trials depend on facts.

“The phrase ‘Just Verdict’ might be a better choice”, I argued.

“Why is that?” she asked.

Suddenly I realized that objective thinking and accurate reporting were not linked to IQ, but to habit.

Even presidents often use rationality instead of logic, proof instead of accuracy, the opinions of The Group rather than personal research, depending on something as inane as a comb-over to hide a rapidly balding pate, the most observable clue being that its owner chooses his own thoughts over that of the group.

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