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When we decide as children how to live our lives our thinking begins with the assumption that we will always be children. Our first observation when born is the absence of safety to which we had become accustomed prior to birth. Fortunately we are not aware during those first weeks of gestation the danger of being annihilated as the solution to an argument between prospective parents. Life will soon be discovered to be very dangerous.



By age two we will have discovered a way to alter our behavior in a manner that will lend us some measure of safety as we live our lives among giants. We become compliant, or perfect or strong, failing at that at least noted for trying to be those things.

As preschoolers we may or may not learn about goal setting but we will soon receive our training in such matters as we answer daily roll call at whatever elementary school is nearby.

We will learn that our lives are not forever and that our focus on danger may be diminished by our careful and thoughtful search for safety. Our education will now be spent learning that our social world is made up mostly of friendly people and that by continuing to keep ourselves among others of similar beliefs as we acquire and affirm our values offers increased safety.


Some of us discover and share our discoveries which fall within a general theme of spirituality. Though few of us have any real evidence of these discoveries our experience seems to change us. We find a source of Love, quite unlike its opposite that seems to vanquish this Fear which has till now been the greatest gift of Life. We no longer fear even death itself.



The birth of an idea is much like the birth of life itself and the future of that idea is much like the birth of the individual who gave this idea life and affirmed that new life by creating a goal. This goal will be the Death of the idea.



It is a popular idea to stay focused on the goal. When we do that however we are focusing on the death of the idea.