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Riding   buses and light rails is new to me. It’s as new as if I had  awakened one morning on another planet. The people look like people, they sound like people, but to one who has lived his life among people who though they be friends, all look and sound pretty much the same and  whom I encourage daily to think their own thoughts, to arrive at their own conclusions without having to seek validation from THE GROUP, I am learning daily that such free thinking and the results thereof, may be witnessed on any day of the week  and that there is a world of free thinkers beyond my desk. Designers, cross-country bicyclists, teachers, people with cameras and odd sounding languages, musicians and members of the Phoenix Boy’s Choir about to rehearse in the presence of the riders from hither to thither…

Meet Boo.

Boo was the only one  needing to board; it might have been better had he not. Boo was talking, apparently, to a female with whom he did not wish to part company; he appeared to need help.

Both his hands were full. His right hand held the I phone, his left held a bag which contained his wallet which in turn held his transit card. I was about to offer assistance when…

Without skipping a beat Boo arched his neck side-ways,  his right ear nearly touching his right shoulder, his left ear facing the sky. He quickly and deftly, as if he’d done this many times, laid the phone on his exposed check and continued talking; he calmly slid his now free hand into the bag that held the wallet, which held the card, which permitted him to board; ee-eye ee-eye-oh.

And we all clapped.





Predicting versus discovery of future events.

Imagining: the tool of para-communication.


When considering the truth of ideas which cannot truly be tested, it may still be possible to subject’ these ideas to known truths (beliefs). One can mentally remove the variables and work with whatever is left.

Consider this question: Is there a future? To believe that there is a future is to accept the notion that the future can be manipulated. If the future is viewable and the viewer experiences personal change with every experience then the viewers perception of the future no longer exists.

Note that the term “future” is relative to the term “present”; which reveals that “future” is a measurement  however vague, of time. This observation requires that we accept that “time” exists. But having discovered that any attempt to manipulate “time” must change “time”, then apparently “time” does not exist except to give meaning to our questions about Self. If I am correct in my guess, reading the future or remembering the past would employ identical brain activity.

Para Normal Communication however, appears to be measurable, if not dependably quantifiable. Though thought itself defies measurement, my own experience with ESP over the last 36 years leads me to believe that imagination has more to do with delivery of an idea or message than say, “sending”; imagining a conversation with someone occurs on a lower, “day-dreaming” level of consciousness and in my case I have discovered many times that the person I pretended to be speaking with, responded.

It is always a surprise since intention is never a part of this type of  event. I might add that in every case I can think of, the respondent believed themselves to be the initiator of whatever the subject may have been,

I can only remember one parapsychological event where I deliberately initiated a message to another and received a reply. I created a message and wrote it down. I then imagined myself as the other person. I “reshaped my face”, I imagined my new face with typical “other person” expressions and then holding those images in mind I began reading the message repeatedly. As I finished the fifth repetition, the phone rang. My friend made it very clear that the message had gotten through.

My message: “Call me before 7 am.” We were both late sleepers.

The reply: “Are you okay? I just had a dream that you were going to be in great danger at 7:00 am. Are you okay?”