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Earth is a rock; Earth has no opinions; it cannot think, it cannot speak;  however…

Earth has a belief system.

If Earth could speak, it would say…

“I am hurtling through space in a perfectly straight line. I am not sure of my destination but I will arrive at the earliest possible time. Nothing can deter me; nothing can slow me down; I am following a perfectly plotted, straight path.  I am going where no Rock has ever gone before. I am Earth.”   

Of course, in reality this strong-willed rock has been in orbit for a very long time.  And so have you and I and everything else in the universe.

And that’s the Truth…

Or  is it?


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I believe in One Life.

I believe that The One Life has a beginning but has no end.

I believe that The One Life is timeless.

I believe that All Life Forms and The One Life Itself began simultaneously and is the only event or set of events not committed to  memory.

I believe that Each Life Form lives to fulfill a limited portion of the total experience of The One Life.

I believe that the experience of All Life Forms and their Individual units are the Building Blocks of the material evolution of The One Life and are measured and expressed as time.

I believe that the One Life is the Memory of all experiences of All Life Forms, past and future.

I believe that The Memory of All Experience took no time at all and that the Material Experience of the totality of All Life Forms throughout The Universe and Beyond must take Forever in order to Be.

I address The One Life as Infinity.

I address The One Life’s material existence as Eden.

I believe that The One Life possesses complete knowledge of all events, real and imagined, past and future.

I believe that The One Life IS the Totality of All Events Real and Imagined.

I believe that The One Life is the Totality of that which mankind calls Love.

Accept the Love and pass it on.