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Heads or Tails

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It’s impossible to have a coin with only one side. You can’t have heads without tails.
Seth Godin.

If my only choices are heads or tails then perhaps my head is up my tail.
Lee Broom

If I enter a room where a crowd has gathered to discuss an issue and I discover that in this crowd of a hundred people, two opinions have evolved, then what is the most important thing I have learned? I now know that this assembly is currently hosting one thinker, one devil’s advocate and ninety-eight followers who adopted their position by choosing sides the way one would put together a softball team.

So what did I do? Well, for one thing I already possessed an important piece of information before I arrived and started counting noses; I knew that both of the opinions floating around that room were wrong even if they were true. The reason for that is that most truths are simply stepping-stones to better truths. I know that the only Truth is contained in our methods for gathering truth. I know that these truths will be with us always. They are the ability to think logically, the tendency to gather information from those we trust and the occasional leap of faith.