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Curious Abner and The mysterious, Psychedelic Toad discuss Fear and spacedust



Toad: So tell me Abner, what is it that you fear the most?

Abner: Nada, zilch, double zilch.

Toad: What rhymes with zilch?

Abner: You’re changing the subject.

Toad: It’s my subject. It was I who asked you what you fear; it was I who asked you what rhymes with zilch. The answer is filch, which I believe is a word for theft, which is what you are doing when you beat around the bush.; you’re stealing your own identity.

So tell me; what are the four things you fear the most?

Abner: Why four?

Toad: (Silence.)

Abner: Okay, okay.

Toad: (Silence)

Abner: Four things?

Toad: (Silence.)

Abner: Okay I’ve got it.

Toad: Ribbet

Abner: Toads don’t say “ribbet”; that’s the language of frogs.

Toad: So…

Abner:  The four things are…

Toad: (Silence)

Abner: Baptists, Muslims, Republicans and Democrats.

Toad:  Libertarians?

Abner: Them too.

Toad:  Librarians?

Abner: Not afraid of Librarians.

Toad: Why is that, Abner?

Abner: It’s okay with them if I think.

Toad: Aren’t you a Lutheran?

Abner: I am.

Toad: Why’s that?

Abner: Martin Luther was a Librarian in his spare time.

Toad: Really?

Abner: Really.