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There is a community of feral felines in this hood of mine.  One of my neighbors feeds them. At night the feral hierarchy socializes, dines and guards the food supply at my neighbor’s back door from
would-be intruders.

This morning I went to the front lawn and discovered the remains of one member of this family (I have names for them); This was Jacque, the gentlest of them all;  Jacque was the only blonde and though I never fed her, we talked.

At least 80% of this gentle soul’s body had been eaten; we would talk no more.

How I knew is a mystery to me but I knew with complete certainty that there would be no kitties congregating around the dishes of food tonight. There is a new cat in town, a fat cat, and even he is missing. He did not come to raid the dishes of food, however; he is a true carnivore and was hungry for meat.

I think the rest of the cats got rid of him and that those who are left are in mourning.

I’ll miss Jacque.

Jacque was a blonde.

She never hissed at anyone.