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If you spend too much time looking for your next big break, you’ll be stealing your opportunity to do your best work.
Seth Godin’s Blog on marketing, tribes and respect.

Thank you Seth.

As a writer I consider my work as that of a stenographer. I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. I’m not referring to electronic gadgetry but a spiral notebook; it’s always in my shirt pocket or the hip pocket of my britches when clad in jeans and tee. That is in fact how I became a writer; the egg came first.

An idea arrived in my you brain once, an idea that I believed was a good one.  I was probably in my fifth or sixth year and  at my request for a sled my father suggested we make one from scraps of lumber; and so we did.

Building the sled was my father’s idea and when the homemade contrivance failed to perform like the factory made version the ideas started coming and by late afternoon I was standing at the bottom of Glen Ellen Hill, still erect after having slid down that slippery slope on homemade skis of my own design, wondering why nobody noticed.

By that time the man who had inspired me listened as I told him how I had gotten a great idea, how I had lost it and eventually remembered it and how I had gone from wooden runners on our sled with wooden runners to one with metal and from there,  to skis that slid slowly but without ever once falling down.

And Lovey (that’s what we called my father) suggested that I begin writing things down, As he talked to me about  opportunity he searched through his desk drawer, eventually producing a sheet of paper, size 8×11, folded it down to fit in my shirt pocket and handed it to me with a pencil and told me that I would now be ready when opportunity presented itself no matter what I was doing or where I was while doing it.

Ideas come from everywhere. As individual thinkers we stink at creating new ideas; however…

If we are prepared the ideas will come; it matters not the source. The  Break may or may not make us financially successful but will always help us to grow not only as individuals but as members of a growing community.

Lee Broom

Opportunity Now.

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Opportunity exists only in the present moment.

Opportunity is Formless.

Accepting Opportunity is the act of Adding Form to Formlessness.

Opportunity is not something that comes only once in a lifetime.

Opportunity does not present only to the Lucky, the Gifted and the Wise.

Opportunity arrives twenty-four hours a day in the form of pictures, ideas and dreams.

The primary impediment to the recognition of opportunity is a lack of self-awareness. Though this condition is normal and provides an occasional benefit, it sometimes prevents us from the acknowledgement of the millions of opportunities to improve our quality of life that arrive within each of us every day of our lives.

So, how does one prevent the pain of missed opportunities? There is no such danger; one does not grieve the unknown unless they enjoy grief.

To experience opportunity, we need only do what is before us.



By Lee Broom