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‘Lo Mo.

A few minutes ago I looked to see if you had answered my email about the accident. No email. Nor did I find one from me to you. So here it is.

I was in a car accident on Friday morning while on my way to the Gallery@CityHall. As I left the stop sign on McKinley and began to cross third street, I encountered another automobile who successfully wrenched from my grasp his version of right-away. Lacerations to my face took five hours to repair and missed my right eye and right external carotid artery by the smallest fractions of an inch.

With the assistance of perkoset I am able to live a fairly life by day but by evening I become an invalid. As these meds will be discontinued next week I am motivated to overcome this problem. I am unable to lie down and have devised a relatively comfortable method of rest. By stacking six or seven large pillows in my lap and as many on each side to hold me erect I then have a place to rest my head. This takes about an hour to prepare.

This description is by no means a form of complaint; I am very grateful to be alive. I am thinking about writing another book inspired by the events that took place in my mind during this misadventure. As I flew through the air I experienced a heightened sense of awareness. I am certain that I can produce 200 pages about the experience of a few seconds. I have already broken down the perceptions of less than a second into 3000 words.

I have rental car benefits on my insurance but have so far relied on friends and family for transport. I am extremely grateful. (I am not one of those who thinks that gratitude is an expression of indebtedness. That would place a price on my spared life which would then no longer be a gift.)