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Don’t be upset

It’s a con job you know

A moment of pretense

A short picture show

Or even a soap

With action galore

Of course soaps can be slippery

One could land on the floor

One could land on their knees

Perhaps even say “please,

I can’t take this any more”.

I’m not really angry

It’s a con job you know.

Could you give me a hand

Help me back to my feet?

I have a friend I would like you to meet

It is I.

It is I.

It is I.

From: An Amo and Curio Olio. A Folio of Prose and Poesy by Lee Broom

Who, Not What (by Zippety Zot) Repost from Amo Apr 27 2012



The WHAT of life is found ‘neath the neck.

The WHO resides in the head.

What I want to know by zippety-zot

Is Who is this in my bed?

The body’s familiar, it has two legs.

But who’s at the other end?

A woman it seems, she’s not a horse.

So what path down was I led?

This must be a dream, of course that is so.

Another one’s coming and

Off I shall go

I’m going

I’m going

I’m gone.






How much for that old pair of Shoes?

He fumbled around for some change.

They’re not for sale, my friend, said she.

Well why are they there for all to see?

I’m trying to rearrange.


He wiggled his barefoot toes

And wiped his runny nose.

Rearrange what, the fellow inquired,

Those raggedy shoes are about to expire,

They’d go just fine with my clothes.


I see what you mean, said she,

I’ll give you these shoes for free.

Could I have some socks and maybe a shirt,

And a pail of water to shed some dirt?

I’m really a sight to see,


You’re not so bad, but yes.

I can even give you a vest,

There’s a pond nearby, you can take a bath

Here’s a towel to dry and my name is Cath.

He wanted to look his best.


Freddy’s my name, he said

But you can call me Fred.

On return he looked great.. Let’s celebrate,

We can get married, I’ll be your mate.

And she rearranged his head.


Lee Broom

Love Becomes the Lover.

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To Love is to Heal.

To Accept Love is to Be Healed.

Healing begins when Fear is vanquished.

Perhaps it is the other way around.

(Fear returned to the shadows and birds began to chirp.

Fear revealed itself at first light and waned as………

The Light of Love was felt with the decision to Accept.

Acceptance lit the Path.)

The Path is Today.

This is the way,

To Heal;

To be Healed.

Love becomes the Lover.

And Fear becomes a fading memory.

By Lee Broom