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How to avoid being taught: learn.

How to learn: ask.

How to be the right weight: quit dieting.

How to be happy: smile.

How to talk with God: listen.

How to talk with anyone: listen.

How to win an argument: don’t.

How to feel safe: protect.

How to make amends to your children: become the parent you want them to be.

How to Love: Accept God’s Love and pass it on.

How to experience Love:  Accept God’s Love and pass it on.

(Prayers uttered by those of us who who see ourselves as powerless reflect the appeal of the beggar; our plea moves us from the streets to the alleys. Here we find the leftovers. Here we can sustain ourselves for one more day.)


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“Is there a God?” I asked myself.

If so, what Powers would God have that I do not?

Love? The memory of all past and future events?

And the I wondered…

When i die will i awaken to discover that my memory is much improved and that I no longer have anything to fear and that I am the source of Love?

Will I now know that all life formes ar but an expression of the one and only Life?

I wonder.

Wasn’t there something about “faster than a speeding bullet”?