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Healing For Returning Veterans


Yesterday (or should I say night before last?) I posted about my recently waning health. A few hours later I was asked if I was ready yet to man my docent post at the Gallery@CityHall. I said yes and steeled myself for the occasion.

Fifteen minutes after my arrival the gallery which usually has no more than two visitors at any given time suddenly began to fill up. A man named Robert Braxton whose name and face were familiar to me from The Veterans’ Hospital in Phoenix AZ was in charge of this crew and with them was a lady psychologist who explained that this was a group of returning veterans whose mental and spiritual state was in bad disrepair and that it was Robert’s job to encourage them to start joining the community. It was the therapist job to get them ready for the series of events which would hopefully help them to assimilate.

From an email to my friends and family: “Great bunch of guys. Several were in pretty bad condition. All were enthusiastic to be a part of this PRRC program. All asked questions and discussed what they were learning about the lives of the two artists whose work was on display.”

It made me feel real again.

To all who have served, I salute you and thank you for your service. It was an honor to serve you yesterday.