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Rationalization is a method which helps us deal with fear and the negative aspects thereof. When life fails us and our hoped-for predictions are replaced by less desirable events, we look for something good in those results. The problem with this is that the “something good” may become an affirmation if repeated.

You’re getting ready to leave the house on a hot summer day; you’re gathering this and that and you say to yourself that you mustn’t forget your hat. Already you are dealing with a negative affirmation which would have been better if the reminder had been to remember rather than not to forget.

So you correct that affirmation and remind yourself to remember the hat. And another voice in your multi faceted creative community of selves says that there’s no need to worry; the sun’s heat will be reminder enough if indeed you do forget after all.

And let’s say that the above self-actualization activities took place in 2013 and here you are in the summer of ’14 and every day this week you remembered your hat. On Monday it was when you reached the driveway. On Tuesday You had reached your car and today you were actually about to slide in behind the steering wheel when a voice you’ve known for ever said “Dang it you’re doing it again; go get that #@$%*&ing hat.”

Hey, I’m just sayin’…