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Soylent Green and the Tattooed Man

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With the onset of vulgarity we said goodbye to subtlety and with it curiosity, the most fundamental intellectual component of human existence. Ozzie and Harriet were replaced by the Simpsons and the tattooed man on the midway gave way to Grandma with her permanently shaded eyelids and four year old great granddaughters with pierced ears and navels. When I was very young my mother sometimes covered my eyes when we went to the movies. The next day I’d ask my friends what I missed. It was usually either a nearly naked Betty Grable or a Nazi death camp.

The search for role models by American Youth now produces heroes with prison records and rappers whose vocabularies seem to favor four letter words and an alphabet that frequently gets stuck on the seventh letter. American slang is reflective of prison and street society. That segment of the population which receives free food, free rent and now free cell phones is not shrinking; it is growing at a rate much greater than that of the overall population and as the snowball effect becomes more visible the resulting influence of the values of the indolent victimizes middle class American youth and by the doing, all of American Society.

In a few years the current rate of moral and ethical regression may have our country on its knees.

(Dang, my monthly supply of Soylent Green* is nearly out. These crackers are made from people, you know. Oh well.)

Perhaps we’ll come back in future centuries as something better. Our DNA will be much improved. We will have a respectable quota of aborted fetuses, providing us with the genetic assistance for morphing into something so much better. Our bodies will be muscular and long limbed, those limbs and organs replacing and healing themselves, often without medical assistance. And Soylent Green will have come and gone. Sunday will become once again a day of rest for that is when we will eat and sleep. On Saturday night we will play. We will treat our no longer aging bodies to sexual romps with friends and family. On Sunday morning we will plug in to a machine at our bedside which will keep us asleep and well fed until Monday morning. We will acquire all the rest and nutrients necessary for the rest of the week. And with raging hormones we will then continue on our competitive path, no longer content with Football or Hockey. Large carnivorous beasts will have long since been released back into society at large. They will hunt us and we will hunt them. Ahhh. Progress.

*Soylent Green is a 1973 American science fiction film directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Charlton Heston, and in his final film, Edward G. Robinson.

A Warm Summer Sunday


I sat there on the grass that warm, summer Sunday, sat there on my assocks (that was during the time of my life when perhaps that most important thing for any young man was to have assocks upon which to sit when tramping through the woods and after coming to a clearing, succumbing to the temptation to sit) and wondered what life would be like if I could leave my body.

My denim clad legs, those slender, muscular young legs, which had been tramping through a forest of oaken splendor suddenly became a landing pod for a brand new monarch butterfly. As it settled upon the highest wrinkle on my slender, muscular, right leg, on the highest wrinkle of the patch of denim protecting my kneecap. In the middle of my kneecap, I asked that butterfly what it would be like to abandon my body as the butterfly had done; would I acquire a new body like the butterfly had done? Would I be able to flit from a tree limb to a wrinkle on a pair of denim trousers and the off to where? As the butterfly had done?

And the butterfly replied…la la la la, la la la la la la, la la la la la la…

Space Dust


It occurred to me today after listening to way too many commercials that if one had only toilet water to drink and no glasses to dip into that water but there was a straw in the catchall drawer in the kitchen, that one could get down on their knees, say a prayer for protection, stick the straw between the lips, dip the other end of that straw into the freshly flushed toilet and be totally confident that their safety in drinking that water could be said to have a safety factor of up to 99.9999%.

Being in a contemplative state of mind it occurred to me also that probably 99.9999% (or more) of all heroin addicts first drank milk. I seem to remember that from my college days. I didn’t really learn much there. I didn’t shoot heroin in those days nor did I drink a lot of water……or milk. I just drank a lot.

As you can see I haven’t completely recovered my senses but I’m getting there.