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If one were to ask, I would state firmly that I have never been seriously interested in UFOs.

One might say that my attitude is that of an agnostic.

I withhold my opinion on popular ideas, primarily because of their popularity and certainly because popularity clouds objectivity.

I was the first to spot a UFO one evening on campus when I was a student at Oklahoma University. As a paid researcher my job was to ferret out information related to the studies of client PhD candidates . I did similar work as a volunteer and also for my own studies.

If I were to admit to any particular bias with respect to such activities I suppose it would be for my disdain of biased reporting.

It was a lovely spring day…

I was enjoying the sunset, though at some point I lost my focus.

When I returned to conscious awareness it was with questions; what had happened to the sunset? What was that in the sky? It wasn’t moving. It appeared to be longer from left to right than it was from top to bottom. We were twenty miles from Will Rogers airport and the flight path of incoming and outgoing aircraft established a popular range of elevation.

I compared the height of the jets to the “thing in the sky” which was perhaps ten times higher in the night sky than that of an airliner below it.

That was the last bit of semi-scientific evidence that I collected that evening. Within minutes, curious passers-by stopped to share in my research; their suggestions and their need to believe  crowded my thinking abilities though I did notice the red light that occasionally traveled from right to left and more than once the entire object moved to the right.

Eventually, it left the scene completely and also eventually, so did we, though we were slow to re-act.

Speaking only for myself, I refused at first, to accept that the entertainment of the evening was over. The “thing in the sky” would surely return momentarily and give us a wink. When I realized that the crowd was dispersing I decided to join them.

Because of insufficient, dependable evidence I haven’t given the event much credence on those occasions when my mind returns for a moment to the Quad at O.U. Serious thought was rarely the case…


Last night, 3 MAR 17, I was standing in my driveway at sundown awaiting a friend. We were to attend a lecture with two great speakers and Gene had just called to report that he would be late.

As I shut down my low-IQ flip phone I realized that I was looking at an object in the northwest sky; the object of interest looking very  like the one I had seen so many years ago in Norman Oklahoma.

(A bias.)

My heart started pumping so loudly I could feel the rhythm beating away in several parts of my body (Wow, a huge bias.)

By the time Gene arrived I had witnessed two movements when the object moved to the right. I had also noticed a red light moving from right to left. It did this several times. Compared to the Jet lanes below, this thing was far enough away that if seen up close would have surely been described as have moved at lighting speed.

Gene was loaded with questions and we talked bout our experience all the way to the Paradise Valley event. We agreed to take another look to the sky when we arrived but were greeted with tall trees protecting the view.

The speakers were great, we laughed and occasionally sniffled with sadness, visiting afterwards, with other attendees for a requisite social contribution, then hurried back to Gino’s new Nissan and back to my driveway.

As we disembarked I  pointed to the sky explaining to Gene what was happening and he to me.

Within seconds the object moved swiftly to the right and out of sight leaving the two of us slack-jawed andin possession of  a memory that would last forever.

Addendum: While writing about UFO One and Three, I recalled UFO TWO. Nothing like it since then. I’ll research this site for an article I wrote about this. If unsuccessful, I’ll write another.

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