Bon Voyage (Happy New Year. Bill Willy)


The pathway to Knowledge is paved with Love.

The measure of distance is unusually incomprehensible.

The vision of Destiny is absolutely unfathomable.

That Faith is required begs the question.

Bon Voyage.

By Lee Broom.


Hovering Above Zero.


Hovering: Denying, defying, never trying. How high? Above Zero. (We need a Hero.)

Covering: The lies, the sighs, the highs, the sky’s the limit. Any lengths? Right, whatever.

Discovering: A better way? What did they say? A Higher Power?

Recovering: Truth? Really? How far? Any lengths? Really?

Savoring: Never wavering. How far? Any lengths. Really.

Hovering? Flying with the birdies, my Luv. Flying with the birdies. How high? Really? Now really.

By Lee Broom

Curious Abner’s Con




Curious Abner thought awhile,

(A while is all he had.)

The moment seemed to last forever,

(Forever’s not so bad.)

After all, thought Curio,

It only takes an instant

To contemplate creation,

How far is near or distant?

(To contemplate or “complicate”.)

He wondered with a grin

Content and yes, quite satisfied

With this intellectual spin.

While rolling in the aisle.

Curious Abner thought awhile.

(A while is all he had.)

( A while is not so bad.)

Ode to a Child in Pain. an autobiography.



Every five years he pays me a visit; wanting to be my friend.

Every five years he pays me a visit with hugs and techie amends.

Every five years he returns. So why do these deeds I defend?

Every five years he returns.  So when will this ritual end?

And every day he returns to himself.

Every day he returns.

To himself.

Again and

Again and


By Lee Broom.

Singin' the bleus.