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Love is a necessary component of healthy living.


Love being unconditional (outbound)…

And, the motive-motif of all life forms being conditional (inbound)…

What now?

Love is ours- not for the asking, but for the acceptance, thereof. And that ain’t all folks…

We may continue to experience this healing component to better living  if we choose…


Smile everybody…

And Trust.


And smile.

Trust and smile?

Trust and smile and share.

Trust and smile and share?

Um Hmm.

Are you sure about this?

Trust me.




File:The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThe Blue Marble  Wikipedia File:The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg



Earth is a rock; Earth has no opinions; it cannot think, it cannot speak;  however…

Earth has a belief system.

If Earth could speak, it would say…

“I am hurtling through space in a perfectly straight line. I am not sure of my destination but I will arrive at the earliest possible time. Nothing can deter me; nothing can slow me down; I am following a perfectly plotted, straight path.  I am going where no Rock has ever gone before. I am Earth.”   

Of course, in reality this strong-willed rock has been in orbit for a very long time.  And so have you and I and everything else in the universe.

And that’s the Truth.



Recently a friend said to me…

“When I was young I beat my chest about “giving back”; today I give anonymously.

I once voiced group opinion as my own; today my own is my own.

As a young man I learned WHAT to think; today I am more concerned with HOW.

As a young man I jogged, I went to the gym and I rode a bike. I still do those things.

As a young man  I lived within my means; I still do that as well.”

I asked him to lend me some grocery money. He offered to plant me a garden.

And he showed me how to tighten the cable on  my bicycle.



When discussing the assumption of a timeless world (which exists* beyond the material world as defined by  the senses) one must choose carefully to avoid the use of words which demonstrate the bias of time; for example, the words used in the sentence before this one.

“When”: Redundant.
“Discuss ing”: ing denotes present moment in time.
“Timeless”: Redundant.
“Exists”: Present.
“Made”: All verbs.
“Known:” Past
“Use”: All verbs
“Demonstrate”: All verbs.
“Bias”: Implication of time.
“Time”: Redundant.

My education is primarily in Design and in the Social Sciences. I am interested in Linguistics but only from the perspective of trends in behavior and philosophy.

I suspect that there exists an argument stating that all words and symbols found in all cultures reflect the bias of an awareness of time and that this bias  is a necessary feature of extancy (extance)**.

Frustrating, isn’t it?


Big deal. Old men and puppy dogs need something to occupy their “time” if only to mark their territory.




In the early stages of our lifelong search for safety we discover THE LIE. For most of us THE LIE is the result of constant experimentation and as the leading edge of our life plan will remain so until the time comes to say goodbye.

We tell THE LIE with body language, vocabulary and countless mini-lies as life flies past.

Some of us become quite animated, our faces, punctuated by giggles and grins. Perhaps our arms are folded; others will want their jeans creased, insisting on a world of NEAT.

As life goes on we will be known by the reputations which have resulted from these decisions,  ready to greet the world as such, well before the end of our second year.

Later in their teens the Big Strong  football star with folded arms and even disposition will be cheered by the giggly gal who leads the cheer leader squad and he’ll say to his quiet self, “I’m gonna marry that girl  one day and we’ll have strong, happy children who will grow up and do the same.” He pauses for a moment longer to feel the love in his heart; he starts to fold his arms but he felt the Love in his heart and dropped his arms at his side.

“I accept the Love”, he thought…

“I accept the Love and I’ll pass it on...
and that ain’t NO LIE.”


Lee Broom 4 4 2017