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How does one get from Might to Maybe?

How does one get from Frightened  to Friday?

Why must we Fall to discover Love?

The Gent who discovers the Lady?


How does one get to be Seventy Five?

How does one learn about Ninety?

All of it happens a day at a time

Learning from Maybe ’bout Mighty…


A Day in the Life of Two Sick Old Men.


Hi Lee

This is very interesting.

I found this piece of paper on the floor of Pam’s car this afternoon.

I have never seen it before and I cannot imagine how it came to happen.

I do not know who wore it and for what reason.

After looking at it for several hours, it occured to me that you might have written it.

Why do I think so? I do not know.

Please read it and tell me anything you might know.

My best


 (The attachment was a short introduction to a book about Svetlana Stalin.) 

Hi Kamal, This sounds like a very interesting introduction to a very interesting book about a very interesting lady. It’s not mine though. I wrote a short memoir about her but this ain’t it.

I am really, really sick again Pal O Mine. From my point of view this is the epitome of inconvenience. Fever. gagging, Round the clock urination coming in fifteen minute intervals. I sleep fifteen minutes then pee. I’m sleeping a lot. Can’t eat.

I wake up, I sip, I pee, I go back to sleep. Urination hurts my whole body; even my teeth. Its like being electrocuted with a shock that lasts for several seconds and feels like minutes.

Come to think of it though, this could be much worse.                        


PS When do we take you to the eye guy.


Hi Lee

I am so sorry you are going through these physical problems.

I am going through some myself, but not as bad as yours.

Are any of your kids near by to look after you?

I am going through severe skeletal, muscular and joint pains.

The eye doctor’s appointment is Sept 5th at 10:00 AM

I do not know how we will be feeling at that time.

Take care and write me about your condition.

As for the piece I sent you, I have no idea who would write that.

Also, this is the only page I found.

What the hell.

My best, Lee.


My kids just got back from a weekend camping trip. They’ll check in.

Skeletal, Muscular and Joint pain, eh. According to my research you walk too much, you jump up and down too much and you are cross-eyed

Try Nopalea. It’s great for crossed eyes

We will both be fine on Sept 5

Smile, Kamal.

Send me a smutty joke.