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“Cycling the Blue Nile Gorge Ethiopia, we came from the other side. Last night we went to sleep to the sounds of Hyenas. We climbed about 6000’ feet and it was plenty hot, I could have used a few more gears!”
Morris Scott.
Age: Sixties. Bicycling across Africa.


As we age time flies.

If we attempt to slow it down it gets worse.

Its bad enough that we have to leave life, worse yet that we are aware of the problem and absolutely insulting that there appears to be no solution to this small but terrifying collection of horrors.


There are a great many things that affect one’s perception of time.

In fact, it is probably safe to say that there are no two humans for whom such details are remotely similar. One might even extend that observation by factoring in a minus sign for lower vertebrates, or even the lowest forms of life or perhaps even rocks.

No, I’m not kidding.

But that is not the subject.

What I am leading up to is that all these different perceptions fit into the same envelope.

This envelope has one label, one definition, one rule.

Are you ready?

All memory when recalled is viewed not as a constant but as an exact percentage of the life of each retriever, and becomes smaller with each passing second or fragment thereof.

I’m guessing that few of us are aware of this envelope and that most of us notice the increasing speed with which time flies. Add to this the fact that those of us with less to do tend to worry more, therefore adding one more difficulty by becoming attached to this problem.

If you find this knowledge frightening yet compelling, and you are tempted to seek a way to  slow time down…

Forget it.

I mean that literally.

Forget it.

One cannot overcome anxiety about anything at all.


any unwanted activity no matter how heavily addictive,  can be replaced.

Our focus on life can be redirected.

The so-called  St Francis prayer asks for such changes.

And, virtually everyone in recovery from drugs, alcohol or self-destructive, problem-solving techniques get clean and sober by accepting the love of people like themselves and passing it on to those who still suffer.

Accept The Love and pass it on.




(A conversation between Xero Aticus
and the Psychedelic Toad.)
Lee Broom


PSYCHO: So tell me XERO, what is it that you fear the most?

XERO: Nada, zilch, double zilch.

PSYCHO: What rhymes with zilch?

XERO: You’re changing the subject.

PSYCHO: It’s my subject. It was I who asked you what you fear; it                                 was I who asked you what rhymes with zilch. The answer                           is filch, which I believe is a word for theft, which is what                               you are doing when you beat around the bush.; you’re                                 stealing your own identity…
So tell me; what are the four things you fear the most?

XERO: Why four?


XERO: Okay, okay.

PSYCHO: (Silence)

XERO: Four things?

PSYCHO: (Silence.)

XERO: Okay I’ve got it.

PSYCHO: Ribbet

XERO: Toads don’t say “ribbet”; that’s the language of frogs.


XERO:  The four things are…

PSYCHO: (Silence)

XERO: Baptists, Muslims, Republicans and Democrats.

PSYCHO: Libertarians?

XERO: Them too.

PSYCHO:  Librarians?

XERO: Not afraid of Librarians.

PSYCHO: Why is that, XERO?

XERO: It’s okay with them if I think.

PSYCHO: Aren’t you a Lutheran?

XERO: I am.

PSYCHO: Why’s that?

XERO: Martin Luther was a Librarian in his spare time.

PSYCHO: Really?

XERO: Really.


Curious Abner and The mysterious, Psychedelic Toad discuss Fear and spacedust


lafayette compound 008


Toad: So tell me Abner, what is it that you fear the most?

Abner: Nada, zilch, double zilch.

Toad: What rhymes with zilch?

Abner: You’re changing the subject.

Toad: It’s my subject. It was I who asked you what you fear; it was I who asked you what rhymes with zilch. The answer is filch, which I believe is a word for theft, which is what you are doing when you beat around the bush.; you’re stealing your own identity.

So tell me; what are the four things you fear the most?

Abner: Why four?

Toad: (Silence.)

Abner: Okay, okay.

Toad: (Silence)

Abner: Four things?

Toad: (Silence.)

Abner: Okay I’ve got it.

Toad: Ribbet

Abner: Toads don’t say “ribbet”; that’s the language of frogs.

Toad: So…

Abner:  The four things are…

Toad: (Silence)

Abner: Baptists, Muslims, Republicans and Democrats.

Toad:  Libertarians?

Abner: Them too.

Toad:  Librarians?

Abner: Not afraid of Librarians.

Toad: Why is that, Abner?

Abner: It’s okay with them if I think.

Toad: Aren’t you a Lutheran?

Abner: I am.

Toad: Why’s that?

Abner: Martin Luther was a Librarian in his spare time.

Toad: Really?

Abner: Really.



seeks to confirm the collection of years, yea decades
of affirmation, begun by that first awareness,
which led to the first thought
became  the first ought
bought (by few) and
blithely ignored by most.

The host mans its post
of the yet – to – be ghost
and marks territory.

(Deliberate Ascension, the construction of prayers beseeching the Favor of Forever succeeds only in yielding a Black Hole. On the other hand Forgiveness is the Face of Unconditional Love. DREAD not and do the Next Thing.)





I have always had a variety of getaway Eden locations; they’re scattered about the globe and the list has grown over the years. One of my Edens is AJ’s Fine Foods in Arcadia. Once a week I visit their bakery, drink their coffee, park myself in a huge overstuffed club chair near the floral department and seek solutions to  my favorite crossword puzzle.

Today I arrived on my French (Chinese built) Motobecane bicycle, discovering upon arrival that I’d forgotten my U Bolt.

I left this somewhat expensive two-wheeled conveyance near the entrance, bought a cookie, bought  a coffee, bought a paper with a puzzle and repaired to the patio; no charge for yesterday’s news and the coffee was better than Starbucks.

It was 1:00 P.M; I looked around for an outdoor table in the shade and seated myself near the veiled “COMING SOON” window  of a new store under construction and focused for a few seconds on my unlocked bicycle a few feet away.

As I penned in the word “circumference” I heard two youngish female voices approaching. Suddenly the chattier of the two remarked as though suddenly encountering an erection, “what do we have here?” And in they went.

“Excuse me” she addressed the foreman, “Excuse me sir, may we watch you work for a minute?” I could hear the crew boss’ initial displeasure morph to a new awareness as his impatient demeanor suddenly adapted to the situation at hand.

“C’mon in”. In response to the inquiries The man in the hard hat told them what he could about the store  which would soon be ready for business. I  could hear construction sounds whir to a stop and the F bombs replaced with smiles that could be heard for blocks.

I took notes and planned THE INTERVIEW,

Inspired, I wrote in the scrambled shorthand of the demented, realizing too late that I only had time for a smile and a nod as the two lovely females passed before me to enter AJ’s. I continued to write.

Now in case you are thinking that I was motivated with the usual male madness so prevalent in the spring time, allow me to draw attention to the fact that it is autumn not only for those who rake leaves but for people like the one who greeted me in the mirror this morning, the guy with the thinning, gray hair and crinkly eyes reminding me that winter is near.

No, one of these statuesque young ladies  was going to be questioned by a curious, aging writer who wondered why the taller of the two reminded him of his father.

And here they came, each with a pastry and a coffee… “Excuse me” I smiled and stood. Would you like to join me? My name is Lee Broom, I am a writer and I would like to conduct an interview if that’ okay with you.

I was looking into the eyes of a six-foot one inch persona whose blue (no green, no grey) orbs revealed that she had few secrets. As they seated themselves  the tall Iman-ish one started; Are you a reporter? A blogger? A playwright? A talk show host?  Five minutes later the inquisitive one apologized for her carpe diem moment, returned the gavel and paused. I didn’t mean to switch roles; let THE INTERVIEW begin.”

“Actually”, I replied, “you told me a lot about your self; you’re a model, I have seen you on the cover of Elle, you are inquisitive, you gather your own information and are surprisingly tolerant of those whose goals in life are to mimic the more popular of their friends. You set standards but only as a default because your purpose in life is to improve it. My name again is Lee Broom and I handed her my card and exchanged smiles with both ladies and stood.

Hand shakes. No hugs.

I watched them walk away. A gust of cool, wintry air blew across my cheeks.



bathroom 1 014

Bullies are not always what they seem to be. They can be noisy and threatening – that’s to be expected. But often they are quiet; the Extortionist for example…“I’ll tell, unless”…

Sometimes the threat does not even have to be voiced.

The victim often pretends not to hear and tolerates the threats. But sooner or later the bully needs to reign in their victim to test their controls.  Perhaps a gift is involved. And the victim says “Thank you” and soon after comes the quiet threat… “Don’t complain or I’ll tell”…

At some point the victim reaches their tolerance threshold and they do in fact, complain; the accumulation of taunts and threats has had its toll and the victim cries out. “Stop it”. That cry is often quite loud and the victim sounds like a bully.

Meanwhile, the real bully tells those whose judgment will follow “See, I told you so” and to the victim “You brought it on yourself.” And the victim becomes compliant in a quiet attempt to repair the damage and becomes yet more of a victim and the bully plans the next move.

I’m talking about a problem that is familiar to many, if not most families. But the bully pulpit exists also in government, industry and society in general.

In families the bully and the victim each lose their feeling of safety. It is that search for safety that motivates us; we wrestle for pecking order; governments raise taxes often creating more problems than were meant to be solved; industry raises prices and lose business which results in cutting costs and with it, jobs and quality of goods; our search for safety included getting the best possible education in order to get the best possible job and the world went into a recession and we lost our pecking order. We looked around to note when the feathers quit flying and we began again, this time in a call center for minimum wage. And people came out of their cubicles and out onto the streets shouting “Stop it” and the Victim “became” the Bully.

Those of us who include ourselves in this drama seldom notice that the solution was always right in plain sight.

Ignore the bully.

Accept the Love and pass it on…

First to the bully…

Then to the mirror…

And then to society at large…


Accept the Love and pass it on.