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Barber: how much do you want me to take off?

Barbee: Just leave 1 ½ inches all over.

Barber: Okay but how much do you want to cut off?

Barbee: How long is it now?

Barber: (measures hair.) 4 inches here and 3 inches over here and 1 ½ over here, around the ears.

Barbee: Okay so remove 2 ½ inches here, 1 ½ inches over here and don’t cut around the ears.

Barber: That’s too difficult, how long do you want it to be?

Barbee:  Just leave 1 ½ inches all over.

Barber: That’s better; you shoulda said so in the beginning.


Dieter: I weigh 200 lbs. I am 5’10” and I want to get to down to 160 lbs.

Nutritionist: You are consuming 2000 calories daily. I want you to start eating 1500 calories daily.

Dieter: At 3500 calories a pound it’ll take me 40 weeks to lose the fat.

Nutritionist: Actually, if all you do is diet, much of the weight loss will be muscle.

Dieter: I want to lose weight and I want to do it in half the time. And I don’t want to lose any muscle.

Nutritionist: Great, so let’s add a five-mile jog every morning; that should do it.

Dieter: This is getting too hard. I can’t do what you ask.

Nutritionist: Have you ever successfully reached your desired weight and kept it off for more than a month?

Dieter: No.

Nutritionist:  Okay, I have a better method. Do the 1500 calorie diet and jog for fifteen minutes, four times a week. How does that sound?

Dieter: Great. How long is this for?

Nutritionist: The rest of your life. The 1500 calories is what you should have been eating all along for someone your height and level of activity. You’ve been trying to win by losing. Commit for life and you will become successful.  By the way, I can recommend a really great barber. You have very long hair, you could lose a pound with a good haircut; Just tell him to cut everything down to 1 ½ inches.





The Garden of Eden had but one season, as did Dear Ol’  Mayberry,  and, as do all Hollywood love stories, give or take a lovers quarrel or two.

And though we cannot rebuild Eden,  anyone of us can experience a Lovely Spring Day.  It Exists somewhere between Howdy and Adieu between me and with you. And often upon awakening we are vaguely aware for a second or two that we were there a mere moment ago.

Accept the love and pass it on.


Fine Fine Fifty Nine

59 Caddy 1-4 003

Fifty Nine

So Fine

All Mine

Frame’s Mine Also

And Sandy’s (let’s not forget).

When Sandra Schou posted this on Facebook a while back I said Fifty Nine Richy Rich car.

And Sandy said here ya go Broom Boy and here it is.

My favorite photographer (after Ansel)

Fine, Fine fifty Nine

Better than a pony or a jug of wine

Better than a flip top Ford

Fancy as  a Jag You Are.

By Bad, Bad Lee Boy Broom

(Baddest guy in the whole darn room)

COMMENT FROM SANDY  “Very very fine job Lee Boy Broom!  Lets not also forget, how far and how long that 59er traveled before it finally made it to your door! LOL
Sent from my iPhone” 9 13 2013.

REPLY FROM LEE  “A month of traveling back and forth through the US Mails and another month with the framing. Well worth the wait. Thank you Sandra Schou of the Far Far North.”

59 Caddy 1-4 004

“Affirmations don’t work for me”.

kid artist

One person affirms:  “Affirmations don’t work for me”.

Another person avers that any thought, which occupies a person’s mind more than once is an affirmation.

Thus affirmed, this thought is destined to become an idea to be developed.

This idea will become a value, a bias, a prejudice.

This idea may become a work of art, a grand design, another life.

This idea will have by this time helped to define a personality.

This idea will change the world.

What do you believe?

By Lee Broom.