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Love is unconditional.
Life is conditional.
Every living  thing has a reason (condition) for
for every life change.



The leader leads only one’s self.
The leader has questions.

The leader seeks answers.

The leader knows not to depend on bias or the overheard opinions of others.

The Leader may be an artist, a miner, a home-maker, but for this endeavor the most important tool is



objectivity; for this moment in time The Leader is a Scientist.

The life of The Scientist is focused not on a goal but the path. TRUTH must come to us slowly and the truest of theses truth reveal only that which was yesterdays future. True knowledge cannot be known because the future is never ending, l but knowledge is as close to truth as this inquiring mind may come.

The Leader listens. The Leader eventually understands that to stay on the path is a form of obedience, perhaps even worship this path. (note: Taoism)






Leaders are self starters but they don’t know that.

Leaders are ahead of the crowd but they don’t know that either.

The reason leaders are self starters is because they are the only one in their camp.

When an idea arrives to fix, to improve or to create they are not usually inspired to say “Hey guys, let’s do this”.

Leaders generally have only one follower, one person on their team; the Leader, the Follower, the Self-Starter  – they are one.

They immediately grab a computer, a paint brush, a chisel with which to create or to discover. The result is then offered to the community

If the contribution shows promise to less creative minds, comes soon a TED talk or a you tube video or the tap on the shoulder from a  watchful entrepreneurial eye whispering a suggestion of possible profits.

And the butterfly flaps its wings and starts the proverbial hurricane.


Imagine a Herd of Turtles Chasing a Flock of Bird Dogs


Imagine a Herd of Turtles Chasing a Flock of Bird Dogs


THE GREATEST DETERENT TO TRUTH: the Obsession for proof.

Q: What can be learned when an issue generates only two conflicting opinions?

A: Only that someone has remained silent?


The level of respect due for the beliefs of others must be based not on what they believe but on their ability to gather reliable information.

Popular opinion requires no truth.

Those who join sides miss the point.

Friendship does not come easily to Free Thinkers.

The key to Freedom is Courage. The Padlock is pressure to conform.

If I could persuade others to think as I do, I would encourage them to seek answers to every question that enters their minds and to then question the answers.

I was asked what I revered above all else. “Freedom”, I replied.
“And how do you feel about Fairness?”
“What a silly question.” I thought. “In order to be treated Fairly, one must first lose their Freedom.”

I did not reply.





Aristotle discovered new ideas through experimentation. Motivated like any other living creature,  moving about on hands and knees, baby Ari  sought to improve his lot in life  by solving puzzles and increasing his awareness. As he moved about, bumping into this and that one can easily imagine his mother giving him a word now and then as labels for his successes.

There and are no completed works of this man; he began life and ended it the same way; by seeking safety. During the last year of his life, Aristotle fled what he perceived to bea dangerous new government and spent the last year of his life living with his mother in her home. About the only thing known about this time in his life is that he died of a belly ache.