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Unless you are a narcissist.

or perhaps “EVERYTHING” is a  clue to the belief that narcisism is a community trait assigned to all.









“Why me?” His eyes seemed to complete the question, the shrug of his shoulders mirroring the shrug of his upturned eyebrows but a realistic opinion would be that most guesses would be a bit off the mark.

Gerald was not questioning a Judge’s decision that he be confined for having committed an injustice; he was not  a fugitive, a sex offender or a terrorist;  perhaps his question may have revealed to those who knew him better, an implied a kinship of this kind of thinking to his secret shame for ideas which compelled him to seek answers to questions that would seem a foolish waste of time to the average person.

Gerald believed that he had not only discovered the secret of the existence of an omnipotent God but who this God is, has always been, when and how he was born and how that failed to contradict that He had always been and that he would be here for eternity. He was not the least bit mystified by the evidence that revealed that though God existed, technically He did not. Nor did it bother him to realize that a measure of Eternity could as easily be described as lasting for a trillionth of a second as to claim a larger figure, say a Trillion, trillion light years…?

Day 1: The memory of all events begins simultaneously with the physical occurrence of the first.

Day 2: Eternity occurs in an instant.

Day 3: The Memory of Forever occurs in less than a trillionth of a second.

Day 4:  God begets His Great Self with the SNAP of His Metaphysical Fingers.Day

5: Every event but the first one is a response to the one before it.Day

6: The result: Total Knowledge of past and future events.

Day 7: The result: Total Love.


Yesterday and the day before, the desert floor in Arizona rained, sleeted and kept the cactus lovers indoors.

I was not one of those people.

I no longer drive but fortunately I live near an uptown, downtown-ish collection of super-sized grocers and a dozen demonstrations of how to buy,  sack or stir-fry. Had it been a normal wintry desert temp of 70 degrees Fahrenheit I would have dashed across the street and filled my two cotton Trader Joe bags with goodies but…

as I said…

this was no ordinary day.

I tried watching a digital, free movie but all I could hear from my guilt ridden brain was “Lee Broom, get your butt out the door and learn how to defy the rain and the sleet and the miserably low temps; learn to adapt,”, and I did. In two days I spent an hour or so braving the elements. I am old but I am better!!!!!




Re post from 5 25 2012

A moment ago I observed something on my patio, unseen before by these tired old eyes. I will be having eye surgery on Tuesday. If this is an omen of better things to come I am prepared for that, I think.

If in fact, I lose that eye and am left only with the one that is splattered with glaucomic fields of grey, then I shall endeavor always to remember this tiny baby birdlet who ran across my white-tiled patio, bumping into the glass door, quickly recovering to race back on those strong, spindly legs to its Gamble Quail mom.

I saw it all, I did.

The family of Mom plus Five minus Pop was suddenly minus one quintuplet in response to the roar of the early morning trash hauler as it lifted its load higher than any member of this quail family would ever fly. Mom and the fully focused four scrambled toward the hedge as their tiny sibling shot in my direction. I scrambled for my camera with skills yet unlearned. When I looked back, the little 2 inch high fluffy-feathered goblin was slipping under Mummy’s wing.

If I can still see on Wednesday I shall investigate the Scottsdale library stacks in search of advice for late-blooming photographers.




Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub;
It is the center hole that makes it useful.

Shape clay into a vessel;
It is the space within that makes it useful.

Cut doors and windows for a room;
It is the holes that make it useful,
Lao Tsu translation by Gia Fu Feng.


Each morning I greet the day by committing to living it.

Each morning I sit at my desk and repeat that commitment.

My commitment is not to the Doing but to my Being.

To say “That is all.” is often thought to mean “Not much.”

“Why is that?” I wonder as I open Outlook.



edited from original article posted on June 5, 2017,

File:The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThe Blue Marble  Wikipedia File:The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg



Earth is a rock; Earth has no opinions; Earth cannot think, Earth cannot speak;  however…

Earth does posses a belief system.

If Earth could speak, it would say…

“I am hurtling through space in a perfectly straight line. I am not sure of my destination but I will arrive at the earliest possible time. Nothing can deter me; nothing can slow me down; I am following a perfectly plotted, straight path.  I am going where no Rock has ever gone before. I am Earth.”   

Of course, in reality this strong-willed rock has been in orbit for a very long time.  And so have you and I and everything else in the Universe.

And that’s the Truth.

Singin' the bleus.