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Self employed people live longer and, appear to be younger than the salaried  majority and are therefore, highly, self motivated.

They are the scientists, the artists and the curious. They are the Leaders in society, a label given them by those who look to others  for the answers to their own questions.

There are very few skeptics among them and rarely look to others for their answers.

Thank you for reading this blog.

If you are skeptical consider of the ideas set forth in this message, grab a science video on you-tube and learn what this planet was like a few million years ago..

If you are curious about the validity of this set of ideas, do some research.

And if you have already forgotten the first line, read it again.




color029_sJPG_950_2000_0_75_0_50_50 Boy building a model airplane as girl watches. Robstown, Texas, January 1942. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Arthur Rothstein. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

The word “proof”, when added, changes a report into an advertisement, a discovery into a product and the reader into a victim of inanity. Proof can render the world’s greatest lie into disaster by posing successfully as TRUTH.

When the habit of seeking proof is replaced with the business of seeking evidence we learn to start with questions that are free of bias; we discover TRUTH and we improve our personal relationships and our lot in life.

Mistakes are no longer a threat under such a system; they are simply a way of tweaking the path; Mistakes make learning attractive  and teach us patience with those who are “always right”. These mistakes can rescue us from the mire of mindless management, of running the risk of never growing and of never again learning a single new thing.

(I think I got that right.)



For we who lack the perspective of Brainy Albert, the more daring among us may content our smartish selves with using as a measure of time, the Past, the Present and the Future.


The Past is but a memory;
The Present…
too small to measure;
and a Future that lasts Forever…

What about Memory?…

ideas whizzing by?

that play I wrote in 2001?

The book you finished  reading yesterday…?

So “Why?”, “How great is that?”

Perhaps we were wrong…
There is no future; it’s long since gone?
Now really…
This is just plain silly.

Or Not.


lafayette compound 012
True Leaders generally have only one follower, one person on their team;The Leader, The Follower, The Self Starter – they are  One.
LEADERSHIP Jan 1, 2016 Lee Broom.




I awoke this morning in a depression.


I awaken most mornings eager to greet the day, usually with notes scribbled the night before  while grinding freeze-dried coffee beans and running sparkling, crystal-clear water from the hills of the Ozarks over the crumbled, legumes, using two tall,  clear-glass cylinders, originally intended for floral displays.Voila:A  coffee maker of my design.

Today I had only the coffee to look forward to and the knowledge that those who work as I do in a home that is more of a writer’s laboratory than an abode, spend most of their long day alone. It was the  loneliness that convinced me to shut my eyes and snooze from six A.M. until nine.

I awoke again at 9:00 A.M.

I walked to the kitchen opened the freezer door, placed my head into the cold space and inhaled deeply. The negative ions prepared me for the minutes to come.

I shut the freezer door, heated the coffee, poured a cup thereof and padded back to my desk. reminding myself of couple of truths…

(1) Scholars, inventors, scientists and authors  do work which requires a knack for Leadership.

(2)True leaders lead only themselves.

I didn’t bother to dress, or to fix breakfast. What started my morning as a huge disappointment became  my work for the day. With a bed – sheet ’round my shoulders and a cup of reheated Starbucks coffee I pored over the pages of a book I wrote a few years ago, entitled LEADERSHIP: A LOVE STORY.

As I searched for words to explain how I was feeling I relived those feelings of loneliness and remembered my discovery that Leadership as we think of it  is not a role one chooses but rather  a label that needs to be refined.

And I had done that.

I reminded myself again…

True leaders lead only themselves.

That is the way of the Scholar, the Inventor, the Scientist, the Water-colorist, the Author  .

Put another way: only the agnostic may discover anything of great importance (if such truth awaits discovery).

Yet another way: perhaps we are all agnostics.

And another: The True Leader must seek truth ignoring the clamor of would-be leaders shouting in the background, the  pass-along Truths of their GROUP.

True leaders lead only themselves.

TRUTH is far more important than the adoration of FOLLOWERS.

Okay, I feel better now.

And yes I have prepared my notes and made my coffee for tomorrow.


Time: The Memory of Past and Future Events


Predicting versus discovery of future events.

Imagining: the tool of para-communication.


When considering the truth of ideas which cannot truly be tested, it may still be possible to subject these ideas to known truths (beliefs). One can mentally remove the variables and work with whatever is left.

Consider this question: Is there a future? To believe that there is a future is to accept the notion that the future can be manipulated. If the future is viewable and the viewer experiences personal change with every experience then the viewers perception of the future no longer exists.

Note that the term “future” is relative to the term “present”; which reveals that “future” is a measurement  however vague, of time. This observation requires that we accept that “time” exists. But having discovered that any attempt to manipulate “time” must change “time”, then apparently “time” does not exist except to give meaning to our questions about Self. If I am correct in my guess, reading the future or remembering the past would employ identical brain activity.

Para Normal Communication however, appears to be measurable, if not dependably quantifiable. Though thought itself defies measurement, my own experience with ESP over the last 36 years leads me to believe that imagination has more to do with delivery of an idea or message than say, “sending”; imagining a conversation with someone occurs on a lower, “day-dreaming” level of consciousness and in my case I have discovered many times that the person I pretended to be speaking with, responded.

It is always a surprise since intention is never a part of this type of  event. I might add that in every case I can think of, the respondent believed themselves to be the initiator of whatever the subject may have been,

I can only remember one para-psychological event where I deliberately initiated a message to another and received a reply. I created a message and wrote it down. I then imagined myself as the other person. I “reshaped my face”, I imagined my new face with typical “other person” expressions and then holding those images in mind I began reading the message repeatedly. As I finished the fifth repetition, the phone rang. My friend made it very clear that the message had gotten through.

My message: “Call me before 7 am.” We were both late sleepers.

The reply: “Are you okay? I just had a dream that you were going to be in great danger at 7:00 am. Are you okay?”

“Affirmations don’t work for me”.

kid artist

One person affirms:  “Affirmations don’t work for me”.

Another person avers that any thought, which occupies a person’s mind more than once is an affirmation.

Thus affirmed, this thought is destined to become an idea to be developed.

This idea will become a value, a bias, a prejudice.

This idea may become a work of art, a grand design, another life.

This idea will have by this time helped to define a personality.

This idea will change the world.

What do you believe?

By Lee Broom.