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Love is unconditional.
Life is conditional.
Every living  thing has a reason (condition) for
for every life change.


Yesterday and the day before, the desert floor in Arizona rained, sleeted and kept the cactus lovers indoors.

I was not one of those people.

I no longer drive but fortunately I live near an uptown, downtown-ish collection of super-sized grocers and a dozen demonstrations of how to buy,  sack or stir-fry. Had it been a normal wintry desert temp of 70 degrees Fahrenheit I would have dashed across the street and filled my two cotton Trader Joe bags with goodies but…

as I said…

this was no ordinary day.

I tried watching a digital, free movie but all I could hear from my guilt ridden brain was “Lee Broom, get your butt out the door and learn how to defy the rain and the sleet and the miserably low temps; learn to adapt,”, and I did. In two days I spent an hour or so braving the elements. I am old but I am better!!!!!


The leader leads only one’s self.
The leader has questions.

The leader seeks answers.

The leader knows not to depend on bias or the overheard opinions of others.

The Leader may be an artist, a miner, a home-maker, but for this endeavor the most important tool is



objectivity; for this moment in time The Leader is a Scientist.

The life of The Scientist is focused not on a goal but the path. TRUTH must come to us slowly and the truest of theses truth reveal only that which was yesterdays future. True knowledge cannot be known because the future is never ending, l but knowledge is as close to truth as this inquiring mind may come.

The Leader listens. The Leader eventually understands that to stay on the path is a form of obedience, perhaps even worship this path. (note: Taoism)




File:The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg

The Blue Marble  Wikipedia File:The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg


Earth is a rock; Earth has no opinions; it cannot think, it cannot speak;  however…

Earth has a belief system.

If Earth could speak, it would say…

“I am hurtling through space in a perfectly straight line. I am not sure of my destination but I will arrive at the earliest possible time. Nothing can deter me; nothing can slow me down; I am following a perfectly plotted, straight path.  I am going where no Rock has ever gone before. I am Earth.”   

Of course, in reality this strong-willed rock has been in orbit for a very long time.  And so have you and I and everything else in the universe.

And that’s the Truth…

Or  is it?




How much for that old pair of Shoes?

He fumbled around for some change.

They’re not for sale, my friend, said she.

Well why are they there for all to see?

I’m trying to rearrange.

He wiggled his barefoot toes

And wiped his runny nose.

“Rearrange what”, the fellow inquired,

“These raggedy shoes are about to expire,

They’d go just fine with my clothes.”

I see what you mean, said she,

I’ll give you these shoes for free.

“Could I have some socks and maybe a shirt,

And a pail of water to shed some dirt?

I’m really a sight to see.”

You’re not so bad, but yes.

I can even give you a vest,

There’s a pond nearby, you can take a bath

Here’s a towel to dry; my name is Cath.

He wanted to look his best.

“Freddy’s my name, he said

But you can call me Fred”.

On return he looked great.. Let’s celebrate,

We can get married; I’ll be your mate.”

And she rearranged his head.




Prediction vs discovery of future events.
Imagining: the tool of telepathy.

When considering the truth of ideas which cannot truly be tested, it may still be possible to subject these ideas to known truths (beliefs). One can mentally remove the variables and work with whatever is left.

Do you ever wonder, “Is there really a future?” To believe that to be so is to accept the notion that the future can be manipulated. If the future is view-able and the viewer experiences personal change with every experience then the viewers perception of the future no longer exists.

Note that the term “future” is relative to the term “present”; which reveals that “future” is a measure, however vague, of time. This observation requires that we accept that “time” exists. But having discovered that any attempt to manipulate “time” must change “time”, then apparently “time” does not exist except to give meaning to our questions about Self. If I am correct in my guess, reading the future or remembering the past would employ identical brain activity.

Paranormal communication however, appears to be measurable, if not dependably quantifiable. Though thought itself defies measurement, my own experience with telepathy over the last 36 years leads me to believe that imagination has more to do with the delivery of an idea or message than say, “sending”; imagine  a conversation, occurring on a lower, “day-dreaming” level of consciousness; in my case I have discovered many times that the person I pretended to be speaking with, responded.

It is always a surprise since intention is rarely a part of this type of  event. I might add that in every case I can think of where I intentionally attempted a meeting in the air , the respondent believed that they, themselves were the initiator of what was in reality, a response to my own psychic foray into the unknown.

I remember one para-psychological event where I deliberately initiated a message to another and received a reply. I created a message and wrote it down. I then imagined myself as the other person. I “reshaped my face”, I imagined my new face with typical “other person” expressions and then holding those images in mind I began reading the message repeatedly. As I finished the fifth repetition, the phone rang. My friend made it very clear that the message had gotten through.

My message: “Call me before 7 am.” We were both late sleepers.

The reply: “Are you okay? I just had a dream that you were going to be in great danger at 7:00 am. Lee, are you okay?”